Turning Your Expander

Turning Your Expander
Posted on 12/10/2015

Turning Your Expander

Now that your expander is in place, be sure to follow remember these simple steps to turning your expander to ensure treatment runs as smoothly as possible!  

  • Turn the appliance once a day for the number of days Dr. Durham prescribes.
  • Try to turn the appliance at the same time each day so it will become part of your normal routine.
  • Push the key all the way back to complete the turn so the next hole becomes visible.
  • Don’t stop turning your expander unless instructed to do so.
  • Call us immediately if you are unsure if you are turning your expander correctly or if it becomes loose or broken.

Watch this video for instructions on how to turn your expander:



If you are unable to turn your expander or experience any issues, please call our office immediately at 256-325-0078.