Retainers for Straight Smiles

Retainers for Straight Smiles
Posted on 01/27/2017

Retainers are a necessary phase of orthodontic treatment.  If you want your beautiful new smile to last your whole life, then you must wear your retainer!

After your teeth move to their new positions doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll stay there. Your bones and ligaments around your teeth need time to stabilize, so a retainer is crucial to keeping your teeth from returning to their original positions.

Many orthodontic patients can wear their retainers less over time.  However, the effects of not wearing your retainer could really add up. Who wants to spend more time and money? In addition, it’s important to keep your retainer in its case when it’s not in your mouth. If you lose or break your retainer, you will need to pay for a replacement.

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