Orthodontic Approved Recipe

Orthodontic Approved Recipes
Posted on 11/21/2016

Here at Durham Orthodontics, we know it is hard to find those perfect meals and treats for your loved ones with braces. We want to encourage you with this orthodontic approved recipe!

Deviled Eggs‚Äč

Delightful Deviled Eggs (For 16 Pumpkins)


- Deviled Eggs

- Sriracha sauce

- Paprika for sprinkling

- Green Onion, sliced to sixteen1/4 inch pieces


Boil Eggs and mix your favorite seasonings/recipe to the yolks for deviled eggs. Then to make the pumpkins, add ½ teaspoon sriracha to the yolk mixture before filling the whites and mix well. The yolk mixture should turn a light orange color. If you want it darker and spicier, add more sriracha.


Fill each egg white with the mixture. Take a knife and make 3 or 4 indentations lengthwise in the pumpkin to create its “ribs.” Add a small piece of the green onion to the top for the stem. Sprinkle generously with paprika.


If you have questions about what you or your child can and can not eat with their braces, please give us a call at (256) 325 - 0078.